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Electronic Cigarettes: A UK Supplier

We are an e cigarette company established in the UK. We manufacture nicotine electronic cigarettes that serve as a substitute to tobacco cigarettes. Our electronic cigarette uk does not contain tobacco, like other cigarettes, and its fumes-production mechanism is different from that of regular cigarettes.

Starter pack
Our electronic cigarette come in a starter pack that has a cartridge, a battery and a pipe (where the nicotine containing cartridge is inserted). The battery, which is rechargeable and keeps power for some time, powers the system that heats up the liquid nicotine (inside the cartridge) to produce the vapor that smokers inhale and exhale.

The cartridges
Our cartridges are the containers that hold the liquid nicotine which is vaporized and smoked. We make them in different sizes and label each according to the level of nicotine in the liquid. Initially, clients can buy several cartridges together with their electronic cigarettes and later buy the cartridges on their own once the existing ones have run out of nicotine. Some clients prefer to buy liquefied nicotine in high quantities so that they do not need to buy new cartridges, but only refilled the old ones.

Smokeless cigarettes
The e cigarettes we supply do not burn anything because all that is needed to produce the needed fumes for smoking is fir the nicotine to be vaporized. No carbon smoke is emitted from these e-cigs and this which makes them more environmental friendly. The fumes produced do not smart or irritate the throat, nose and eyes of the smoker, and neither do they affect third parties. Without tobacco burning, the e-cigs do not produce any ash, hence are relatively cleaner to smoke and less likely to burn things when hot ash falls on things.

Our e cigs do not require one to always dig too deep into their pockets as a cartridge, depending on its size, can last up to 250 puffs. An additional positive factor is the fact that the cartridges are refillable and one can purchase as many as they wish without any restrictions. Buying liquid nicotine in bulk is also more cost effective than buying new cartridges every time one needs a new one.

E cigs have little restriction because they do not fall under drugs; tobacco-containing cigarettes have age restriction due to their drug nature. The e cigarettes also happen to have more social approval in the society because of their absence of pungent smoke and ash; they also offer a kind of sophistication to smokers.